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Best-in-class Retail365cloud retail software for Retailers

Point of Sale system for multi-store retailers
A complete retail billing software with Stock Control to bridge online site and physical store. Retail365cloud – retail management software allows you sell, manage, and track your business everywhere, in real time. Even better, it offers you the flexibility to integrate payments, hardware, and advanced modules.

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B2B Mobile Commerce for Wholesale Distribution
More than just an ecommerce self-service platform, Retail365cloud is a mobile-centric solution for wholesale business. It offers innovative apps designed for specific roles in your B2B. Also, with a cloud-based system, you can manage all real-time data in one single place and expand your business on-demand. No more manual works. Let’s Retail365cloud make your jobs easier.

Customer loyalty across the channels
Retail365cloud loyalty software is powerful, flexible and easy to use. It gives you the ability to create loyalty programs for your customer. As a result, not only do you attract new customers into your store, but you also incentivize a customer to come back for repeat purchases.

Centralized inventory management
A robust inventory management to automate inventory control across your sales channels and warehouse in real-time. You always track quick and accurate inventory information, manage stock on hand and forecast your supply needs with defined stock rules.

Multi-warehouse inventory management
Manage multiple warehouses and inventory locations efficiently across the globe from one place. The multi-warehouse module gives you the flexibility to transfer, send, and request stock between warehouses. This inventory extension has a lot of features which is very easy to use and manage inventory in the system. Now our website is very fast and very stable and extension is working in the way we want and now I got peace of mind because it solved all my problem related to multiwarehouse functionality.

Robust purchase management
Keep your suppliers, quotations, purchase orders, and others under control with purchase management. It’s saving you from making mistakes on excel by managing thousands of orders in a grid with a wide range list of filters. Giving you the flexibility in sending, receiving and tracking purchase orders. As a result, you can reduce risk, and make smarter and faster-purchasing decisions.

The module works seamlessly with the inventory and barcode modules as well, and once you set it up, which is actually quite simple and not as time-consuming as we expected, then it just runs effortlessly.

Real-time Inventory & Sales Report
Retail365cloud – Retail billing software retail software provides you with accurate inventory, sales reports in multiple ways. You always keep track of business key stats everywhere, in real time. It lets you drill down into detailed reports broken down by product, warehouse, payment, and a lot more. Giving you even deeper insights into cost of goods sold (COGS), gross sales, profits, and stock level. With actionable insights, you have 100% confidence in making datadriven, smart decisions.

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