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Retail Application that enhance Grocery Store Customer Experience

To attract as many new customers as possible you`ll need to improve and advance the functionality of your retail mobile application. Want to know how to solve this problem? How to build a mobile app more efficient for the clients than the competitor’s apps? Here are the features appreciated most by customers around the globe:

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1. User account & Profile
Their necessity is filters and preference lists. To be capable to gratify your client you should understand what he or she prefers. Get them to feel relaxed and heard. By giving good profile options you’re assuring yourself a very encouraging future intelligence data, based on which you can promote your app and make any updates to show your customers that you hear him/her and try to reach their expectation.

2. Product description & Store information
Your client should be able to review the essential data about the craved product and the store location or working hours. The ability to search for the expected shop utilizing your mobile app will be extremely valued by customers. Also, give your users with easy-to-use catalogues, including cost and product description (color, size, collection, item number) and execute it that way in which it will be quicker for the user.

3. Geolocation function
Geolocation is a highly useful and appreciated technology in many other apps that allows to navigate your potential and already existing clients, show them a way to the contiguous store (suggesting working hours also) or perform different personal proposals to specific clients. Based on their fashionable location your users can get a surprisingly proactive and appropriate information about the product or service.

For both mobile platform, iOS and Android, there are several ways to integrate geolocation in the mobile app. But the two critical point similar to a specific platform: defining a position of the object and performing the identified object on a map. And how can you perform this technology into your retail management software? Well, for Android there is Android Location services provided by Google. And for iOS, a geolocation option is provided by the iOS Location service.

Believe us, such an appearance to retail mobile app increasing significantly cuts the timeline of production and gives you some reliable solutions for the whole company project.

4. QR-codes scanning
QR-codes is the two-dimensional bar-codes — very important technology for mobile phones that enables scanning specific code which will show the price, specification and discounts. Not to mention it allows even to make a purchase. Frequently after scanning a QR-code user get a link to a promotional page for whatever item the QR code has been pasted onto.

5. Loconave Technology
Another great technology which allow to track vehicle. Accurate vehicle tracking with source to destination. Also, it shows time duration when vehicle reach the destination. Based on source to destination km.

6. Customer loyalty programs & Discounts
The ability to have a discount as a reward for using an app is extremely preferred by customers. By presenting them with exclusive discounts and rewards on the popular products or services you make them feel cherished and valuable. It’s constantly amusing when you know how to buy something at the lowest price after getting discount tips through the retail billing software.

Develop a really reasonable and effective support program for most active and long-staying users and don’t overlook the coupon system integration — birthday, anniversary or gift-away coupons will significantly increase the user engagement and revenue number.

7. Mobile payment integration & POS (mobile point of sale)
This especially helpful feature allows a customer to pay for products outwardly using cash which is very important in some risky situations. It’s a supreme convenience for current shoppers. To do this function, people need only to place their credit card information into the app.

To execute mobile payments in your app you can use Layer that has essential iOS & Android libraries for easy integration of payment service on both platforms or develops yourself a customized payment system to avoid additional fees. Such way you could find a more flexible solution, but you should keep in mind that it also will need many back-end modules, that need to be made which is really expensive. So, you have the decision to make — “build” or “buy”.

Besides this, you must determine whether or not do you need plastic card scanning (POS system) — whereby a single touch to the plastic card, the smartphone can read its number, expiry date, proprietor name, as well as the erudition about the latest transactions conveyed with the card.

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