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Retail POS Billing Software

Key Features
The Retail POS billing software is the only Real Accounting & Inventory Software which gives you 100% control on your business. Due to ease, affability, self-customization options and time to time up-gradations are the major causes behind its success.

Retail Billing Software For Market_17 September 2018

Sales Bill Attraction
In Retail365cloud – retail management software, the billing system is very much driven yet easy to use. In our views, the customer spends more time on their billing so that we are always concentrated on the ways in which you can do your billing with the less use of enter key. Cash/Credit Management, Order Loading, Item Searching, Real Time with Live Balances on Multi-user, Light Fluctuation Security options etc are incomparable.

Counter Sale Entry
By this option, multiple salesmen can handle multiple customers on a single computer. From Retail365cloud – retail billing software, it’s an excellent gift for over busy counters.

Point of Sales Provision
At fast sales counters, POS Billing is very much important. In retail365cloud – Retail billing software is fully advanced due to its certain unique features like Barcode, Virtual Keyboard, Touch Items Pop-ups and Tender for Cash/Credit/Other collection etc.

Credit Limits
In Retail365cloud two types of Credit limits are available i.e. Primary Credit Limits and Final Credit Limit. Bills can be generated by the help of password if primary credit limits get crossed. If final credit limits get crossed and once you have set “follow strictly” in party’s master then it will not allow to cross the limit. In Retail365cloud you can set limits in three ways- Maximum Amount, Maximum Bills, and Maximum Days. In Retail365cloud there is advance provision available regarding Temporary Limits in which management can give authority to the party for bill generation in the case of emergency.

Rate Management
Rate Master of Retail365cloud is very much advanced for the fulfillment of the customer’s need. In this 9 Price Lists, Special Rates, Minimum Rates, Pick Rates from Last Delivery, Net Rate and Lot Rate etc.… advanced options are available, so there is no need to remember rates at the time of billing.

Salesman Selection
In Retail365cloud, salesman selection is done in various ways. Salesman wise reports and outstanding are very advance. Even there are provisions available to filter reports salesman wise and calculate commissions of salesman.

Free Scheme (Bonus)
In some business schemes management are very important part of billing. There are several ways to issue Free schemes, which are not possible in every software. In Retail365cloud, all ways are available to issue free schemes automatically.

Discount System
In Retail365cloud, Discount System is fully advanced. In this different type of discounts are available like- Percentage, per unit, Lump sum etc. in this you can set Bill wise, Item wise or Group wise discounts.

Margins & Losses
In Retail365cloud, high focus is given on Margin & Losses Management. In Today’s competitive time, even a little mistake let your business down. Such type of Losses Management is built in Retail365cloud so that loss due to mistakes can be avoided.
Item Popup with lot of features

In Retail365cloud’s item window all required information’s are available for businessmen. You can even show or hide them as per your need.

Bill Printing
In Retail365cloud, you can design many bill Format. The Bill Format is that much advance as it is fulfilling all the requirements of our many users.

Flexibility & Facilities on Billing
In Retail365cloud, Billing system is much advance and flexible in which your Customer’s, Transport & Bankers requirement can be fulfilled. Hot keys in Retail365cloud’s billing system are very much advanced, you can switch over from bill to any report and vice versa.

Barcode Management
In Retail365cloud, barcode can be generated in GS1, Serial, Shuffle, Composite etc ways. In Retail365cloud, we have developed advance system to manage International and self- Barcode.

Barcode Searching on Item, Batch/Size/MRP/etc
Show item list with Barcode No. provision
Item Searching on Name for Barcode Missing on +key
Print only self-defined barcode for un-barcoded items
Barcode printing on Laser, Deskjet & Other Barcode Printers
Self-defined Barcode Printing Format
GS1, Serial, Shuffle Barcode creation system inbuilt

Challan Management
Sometimes nearby customers get loose items, you can’t make bill for that every time, In Retail365cloud, we had given a provision of Challans. You can issue that loose items in challan and convert it partially or all into the bill as per your requirement. These challans always show pending unless you do not convert it into bill. These challans will only effect on your Inventory but not in Accounts.

Order Management
In Retail management software, Sales & Purchase Order management is very advance, there is facility of loading partial or full order. To run Marg according to every customer there is several setups available such as balance order should be pending or get automatically deleted, at the time of overloading in bill whether pick rate from order or from masters etc…

Purchase Import (E-Milan)
In Retail management software, with a single click you can import bill from softcopy of any format provided by the supplier. Through which you can save time and get relief from manual errors.

Purchase Attraction
In Retail365cloud several calculation methods are available which will help you in matching the bill values sent by supplier. There is provision in which you can feed and check sales rates & deal etc at the time of purchase.

Post Dated & Advance Cheque Management
The Cheques you have received are of today’s or future date. You can post today’s dated cheques in bank but what will about future dated cheques?

In Retail365cloud, we have developed a provision of PDC by which you can maintain your future cheques and clear them on the bases of Bank-Paying-Slip. Same provision is also developed for Advance Cheque Issued.

Outstanding Analysis
In Retail365cloud, several reports are available in outstanding these are very beneficial for your company. You can check Area/Salesman/Route/Party or whole outstanding. Tagging system for collection in Retail POS billing software is very strong.

Printing Attraction

In Retail365cloud, you can design formats of bill, voucher, bank letter, reminder, barcode, label, estimate, etc. There is provision to print Bill & Reports on separate printers automatically, you can also select printer port at the time of printing and can be pre-fixed as per requirement.

User Friendly
Retail365cloud is fully menu driven and pop-up based software so there is no need of remembering codes. Marg is designed according to those businessmen’s who have less knowledge of computer so they can operate this software easily.

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retail billing software, retail management software, retail software solution

Citta Solutions Retail Management System -Key Benefits

Designed for growing retailers
Improves productivity and business performance
Affordable out of the box, with functionality to help provide a quick return on your investment
Grows with your business
Here is our retail management software login screen.

Retail Management System Benefit.jpg

Designed for growing retailers
• Set up and use easily. Retail Management Software can be started quickly, tailored to fulfill specific retail desires, and provides access to professional. Built-in wizards associated an intuitive interface facilitate managers and associates to learn point-of-sale procedures in minutes.

• Track and manage inventory efficiently. Retail Management System eliminates the necessity to conduct inefficient, manual stock counts, saving time and reducing worker overhead. you’ll be able to track and manage things across your business mistreatment any inventory methodology, together with services, layaways, work orders, and back orders.

• Streamline point-of-sale processes. With Retail billing software, associates will work with a customizable location screen that lets them check costs, accessibility, and stock location instantly. they’re going to be able to access complete client information; handle multiple tenders and partial payments at checkout; and quickly produce and method returns, backorders, sales quotes, work orders and layaways. Automatic processes create it simple to balance multiple tenders with efficiency and accurately, serving to workers save valuable time.

• Integrate and operate with your existing systems. Retail365cloud – Retail Management System is compatible with many operating systems, and supports popular point of sale peripherals including printers, barcode readers, and more.

Improves productivity and business performance
• Increase knowledge of operations. Gain full visibility into store operations with daily sales graphs and journals that may be viewed and written from any register. With a Retail Management System, you’ll be able to preview, search, and print journals by register, batch, and receipt variety, similarly as shut out information accurately. information may be shared across multiple store locations to allow you completely different views of your business.

• Make fast, informed decisions. Access and analyze information across your entire business mistreatment powerful reportage and communications practicality. Drawing from elaborate, current data, you’ll determine sales trends in each department, category, and season; value operations and financials; track the come back on investment of advertising and sales campaigns; set and monitor business policies across stores; and far a lot of.

• Offer superior customer service. Retail Management System equips your workers to retort quickly to client wants, creating it easier for you to show one purchase into a long-lasting and profitable client relationship. Associates will expedite checkouts quickly, target client preferences to supply up-sells and cross-sells, and implement automatic discounts for frequent shoppers. Customers receive the economical, personalized service that builds their loyalty and boosts your revenues.

• Improve inventory and supplier management. Replenish top-selling items efficiently and negotiate consistently lower purchasing costs by tracking item movement and vendor histories. You can also extend purchasing and fulfillment processes to the Web through e-fulfillment services.

Affordable out of the box, with functionality to help provide a quick return on your investment
• Maximize cash-in per customer. Use Retail Management System to make the most of every transaction: target customer preferences to suggest up-sells and cross-sells, and advertise other products at point of sale with onscreen graphical displays. Expand your customer reach and increase revenues with multi-channel marketing, catalog sales, and phone orders.

• Minimize labor costs. Retail Management System equips your workers to retort quickly to client wants, creating it easier for you to show one purchase into a long-lasting and profitable client relationship. Associates will expedite checkouts quickly, target client preferences to supply up-sells and cross-sells, and implement automatic discounts for frequent shoppers. Customers receive the economical, personalized service that builds their loyalty and boosts your revenues.

• Reduce inventory costs and out-of-stocks. Maintain tight management over inventory with mechanically generated purchase orders and stock levels. Centralized getting and in-store transfers change you to refill things expeditiously and cost-effectively. Visibility into provider histories makes it straightforward to pick out vendors WHO supply the simplest service and also the lowest costs.

• Simplify card processing and reduce transaction costs. Our Retail software helps give fast access to authorizations and makes it easier to capture electronic signatures. Electronic knowledge Capture will accelerate card transactions by up to 600 p.c.
Grows with your business
• Expand easily. Ready to open a new store? With Retail Management System, you’ll shield your investment and keep identical computer code and systems as your business grows into multiple stores and retail channels. As you add customers and product to your system, versatile Retail365cloud allow you to store and manage just about unlimited amounts of data.

• Invest in your business, not in IT support. Retail Management System doesn’t need an in-depth IT employees to line up and maintain, and adapts simply to fulfill specific retail wants. As your business changes and grows, we are able to give support and help with customizing, group action, and scaling your resolution.

• Count on software. With Retail Management System, you’ll begin a longlived relationship backed by one in all the world’s leading technology suppliers. Retail365cloud – Retail management code could be a family of connected applications and services for tiny and mid-sized businesses, with years of expertise delivering business applications and services legendary worldwide for fine quality.

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Advantage of a Retail Software For Retailers

With the coming of technology, retail software is suddenly becoming the buzz in all area of retail businesses — from fast food outlets to popular gift shops. A complete retail management system can comprise all retail store elements to improve inventory positions, improve interest and useful customer service decreasing operational and wages costs. Big or small, every retailer assuredly may enjoy an important return on their expense in determining the right retail software.

Retail Product.jpg
Below are just some highlights of the benefits you’ll reap just by selecting the right point of sale system for your retail business.

Saving Money & Service Excellence
Today’s retail billing software solution is built on solid retail business logic in such a way that it can cater all kind of needs of any retail store with end-user level customizations and streamline costly business processes – adaptable for a single or multiple outlets. Smart sales reports provide a bird’s eye view of your entire business—focusing on high or slow-moving stocks—allowing you to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Managing Business in More Efficient Manner
A comprehensive Retail solution definitely assures precise improvement in any retail business.

• Hassle-free in Inventory Management.

Retail software will provide details on current stock of items, reminding additional stock requirement to smoothly operating the business, inventory cost estimations etc. Maintaining stock details and sales through a computerized POS system will provide accurate information the stock movement. Thus, any theft, wastage, damage of items can be tracked efficiently.

• Auto calculation of tax.

Professional retail software should be capable of all types of VAT and Tax calculations, with a multi-currency facility.

• A proper anticipation of sales trends.

Various MIS reports help to forecast sales correctly so that you can stock more products that give you greater profits and fewer products that give you the least amount of profit. This will contribute to your business overall profitability and success.

• No longer checkout lines.

Your customers will appreciate a quicker, more accurate checkout experience they will get from the right retail point of sale software. For faster credit card authorizations, select a retail software package with integrated credit card processing and high-speed credit card authorizations via an Internet gateway.

• Correctly examining sales & expenses.

A complete retail software will provide you consolidated data on the money your business owes to different vendors (i.e. Accounts Payables) and the money owed by customers to your business (i.e. Accounts Receivable), allowing you to monitor and control the collection and disbursement at any time – easily calculating daily gross revenue, cost and profit.

• Positive Decision.

Trendy reports with statistics/graphs boost the strength of the software which eventually may provide shortened lead-time to respond (in making any strategic decision even) to any market changes.

You need good retail software that will allow your employees to spend more time on the floor helping customers and less time behind the counter. Using retail POS software will allow you to capture and store entire details of your customers, which can later be used for advertising, promotions etc. Retail POS software will help you to build a good will and healthy relation with your loyal customers by implementing customer reward programs. POS software also may help you to monitor customer queries & complains properly.

Needless to elaborate about ROI in retail software investment; every transaction is timestamped, allowing you to identify your peak selling hours and increase staff during those times.

Identify items that frequently sell in pairs (e.g., flashlights and batteries) and rearrange your displays and upsell to everyone. Proper utilizing the intelligent features of any good POS software positively boosts profits.

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retail management software, retail billing software, retail software solution

Retail Management Software Benefits for Retailers

Retail is basically the method of selling goods to customers through different channels. The retail industry is yet a very competitive industry and modern retail requires further efforts from the person want to improve their retail business.

Benefits of Citta Solutions Retail Management System
Citta Solutions Retail Management System is the greatest solution of the retail problems, this is a software that helps the business and makes the life of retail person easy. Once Citta Solutions Retail Software is installed on your system, it becomes easy for the retailers to reach predictable challenges. The workflow is fully maintained and the retailer got time to consider different opportunities for the growth of their business.

Feature and function of Citta Solutions Retail Management System:
Retail Management system is important for the decision-making in retail business because Retail Billing Software knows that retails organization depends on different features such as get a complete update regarding the new tools and technology as well as pay proper attention to the needs and requirements of customers. Hence, as the Retail Management system is significant and beneficent for at the time of decision making.

Features of Retail Management System are listed below:

Our Retail Management System provides the following Features:

• Supply Chain Management System:

Retail Management System helps you in the management of supply chain and provides you the complete information regarding the inventory. It helps in streamlining the process of retail business.
• Sales Data Management: Retail Billing System enables the retailer to continue tracking all details of deals/ agreements and make it easy to analyze the performance in a quick and dynamic way.
• Finance Management System: Retail365cloud – Retail Management System empowers the retail business to manage the finance according to all accounting policies and efficiently.
• Client Database: Retail Management System manages the complete history of clients such as their purchasing, Contact Information accompanying with their feedback.

• Quality Control Management: Retail Management System helps in the measurement and improvement of product quality and market demand.

• Human Resource Management: Retail Management System helps the retailer to manage their employees and their complete data. This data will enable them to check the efficiency and performance of their employees.

• Efficient Planning: Retail Management System helps the retailer in efficient-planning of their business, by keeping the updated records and provide the quick stats of the organization. These were some of the features of Retail Management System, now it is necessary to discuss the advantages that will help in more understanding the importance of Retail Management System. Advantages of Citta Solutions Retail Management System

• Scalability and Configuration: Citta Solutions Retail Management Software is easily scalable and configured according to the size of an organization. Its scalability allows it to grow with the growth of an organization. Retail Management System allows the organization to customize retailers process.

• Compatibility with Devices:

Citta Solutions has beautifully designed the Retail Management System and make it compatible with all devices. It works on Mobile and PC smoothly. Its responsive design enables the easy and fast approach.

• Stock Management: It manages and controls the stock & Inventory System. No need to manage the stock manual everything is available at the distance of one click only.

• Enable the access to real time data: Retail Management System integration will help in accessing the real time data of an organization and improve the data analyzing.

• Manages the Workflow: Retail Management System efficiently manages the workflow of any organization, and make the retailer enable to provide proper attention towards their business growth.

Conclusion: Retail Management System is an excellent retail solution provided by the Retail Management Software. It provides complete customer satisfaction along with the retailer work efficiency. It helps in increasing the sales and business growth. It provides you a chance to move with the technology and change your business lifestyle.

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The Top 10 Benefits of an Integrated Retail Management System

Business growth is good news, but it brings new problems and opportunities that demand new solutions. Managing a growing business often leads to the addition of an application or system to meet immediate needs, but can set the stage for future operational inefficiencies, time and resource drain, or risk of error.

Retail software login screen

A better solution to consider is an integrated retail management system, one designed to manage all aspects of your business and scale alongside your growth.
Your first thought may be that it doesn’t exist. There’s no one solution that covers everything including point of sale, inventory management, CRM, accounting, supply chain management, and eCommerce. Taking advantage of application integration based on a platform, however, can provide a total solution that’s the perfect fit for your business.

Your solutions provider can help you select a retail management system that meets your current and future business needs and show you options for applications that have been designed to integrate with that platform. Taking a platform approach means all applications work together, data is easily shared between them, and you can manage it all from one system.

If you need an additional application or tool that isn’t available, software developers can access the platform’s APIs for integration with your business’ other systems and applications. Whether you are just feeling growing pains related to disparate retail management systems, or if you’ve been laboring with them for years, changing to a business management platform with integrated applications provide significant benefits and prevent future issues related to your current management architecture.

The top 10 benefits of an integrated retail management system are:
1. Real-time visibility into all facets of your business

2. Elimination of many IT maintenance and integration costs

3. Heightened productivity as duplication of effort and conflicting responsibilities are eliminated

4. The possibility to avoid new hires for data management roles

5. Better communication among departments and more harmonized operations

6. Easy deployment of new applications and expansion of systems to new physical locations or channels

7. Easier training for new employees or employees changing roles

8. Quicker, more efficient customer service and enhanced customer experience

9. Greater ability to upsell and cross-sell 10. More time for management to focus on other areas of the business

One Final Benefit: Data
Using an integrated retail management system to manage your retail business will also provide significant benefits when it comes to data analysis. With systems and applications that can communicate with each other, you gain an overall view of your business and the ability to correlate and compare data in new ways.
More benefits of Retail management software

Bringing a user-friendly interface.
By far the biggest challenge we hear from buyers is that their existing system is non-intuitive; they are looking for a new system and their primary requirement is ease-of-use. Then, a good solution must be designed so employees can learn POS procedures in minutes with built-in applications and an intuitive user interface.

Streamlining transaction processing.
With the right retail software, sales transactions become faster and easier. Retailers can:
• Immediately access prices, availability, and stock location through the customizable POS screen.

• Access customer profiles and handle multiple tenders and partial payments at checkout.

• Accelerate checkouts, offer up-sells and cross-sells through the suggestive selling of linked items, and implement automatic discounts for frequent shoppers.

Improving efficiency and minimizing data collection errors.
Retail management systems allow retailers to capture and store customer information, which can later be used for advertising, promotions, etc. In addition, the software will help retailers organize, simplify, and automate the otherwise tedious day-to-day business operations and transactions, and reduce the effort required for repetitive manual activities.

Providing KPIs for the analysis and decision-making process.
Efficient retail software enables executives to access, analyses, and share current, detailed data across the entire business which include built-in statistics and KPIs for users viewable directly.

Providing the ability to control promotion programmers.
Best-in-class retail management software will help retailers plan promotions, forecast their performance, and analyses the results. Thus, retailers can offer customers discounts at point of sale whilst being able to limit the impact of those activities on the product’s profitability.

Better inventory management.
Retail management software will provide details on current item stock and identify additional stock required to smoothly operate the business. Then retailers place proper purchase orders, thus avoiding surplus, and minimizing waste.

Integrating multiple channels.

Many retailers are moving to support multiple channels – retail stores, e-commerce websites, mail-order catalogs… As they roll out new channels they often implement separate, redundant software systems – one for each channel.
Looking for a best appropriate retail management system is a priority to most of the retailers now. With the right strategic approach, retailers can “harvest” many benefits from their customer management which becomes to be their competitive advantage later all.

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રિટેલ મેનેજમેન્ટ સોફ્ટવેર

પોઇન્ટ ઓફ સેલ:

            Retail365cloud માં POS ફંકશનાલિટી સરળતાથી ઉપયોગ કરવા માટે ડિઝાઇન કરવામાં આવી છે. કેશિયર ઇન્ટરફેસ ક્લર્કોને હોટ કીઓ અથવા ટચ સ્ક્રીન ડિસ્પ્લેનો ઉપયોગ કરવાની પરવાનગી આપે છે. સિસ્ટમ બારકોડ સ્કેનીંગ, ચિપ કાર્ડ પ્રોસેસિંગ અને પેમેન્ટ સિક્યોરિટીની નવીનતમ આધાર આપે છે. Retail365cloud અનેક ડિસ્કાઉન્ટીંગ વ્યૂહરચનાઓ, કારકુન અને મલ્ટિ-ક્લર્ક કમિશન સ્પ્ટીટીંગ, લેવવેઝ, વોઈસ, વળતર, એક્સચેન્જો, ભેટ પ્રમાણપત્રો, ક્રેડિટ મેમોસ, પકડી ટિકિટ, બહુવિધ ચુકવણી પ્રકારો, રસીદ નોટ્સ, ઇન-હાઉસ ચાર્જ એકાઉન્ટ્સ, લવચીક ટેન્ડર પ્રકારો, ચલણ એક્સચેન્જોનું સંચાલન કરે છે. અને વધુ.

Retail Management Software

ઇન્ટીગ્રેટેડ ઈ-કોમર્સ

                શું તમને સરળ ઇ-કૉમર્સની હાજરી અથવા નવી સુવિધાઓ સાથે યુઝ થતી મજબૂત સાઇટની જરૂર છે? Citta Solutions  તમને તમારી હાલની ઇન્વેન્ટરી સાથે એકીકૃત કરવા અને તમારા ગ્રાહકોને ઓનલાઈન સેવા આપવા માટે જરૂરી સૉફ્ટવેર આપે છે. અમે તમારા બ્રાન્ડને પ્રતિબિંબિત કરવા અને ભીડમાંથી બહાર ઉભા કરવા માટે તમારી ઇ-કૉમર્સ સાઇટને કસ્ટમાઇઝ કરવામાં તમારી સહાય કરી શકીએ છીએ.

કસ્ટમર મેનેજમેન્ટ

Citta Solutionsનું કસ્ટમર રિલેશનશિપ મેનેજમેન્ટ (સીઆરએમ) મોડ્યુલ તમને ગ્રાહક વર્તણૂકની ગતિમાં આગળ વધવામાં મદદ કરે છે, તમારી કામગીરીના દરેક પાસાને ઝડપથી બદલાતી વલણો અને પસંદગીઓ માટે ટેલરે છે. ખરીદીના દાખલાઓનું વિશ્લેષણ, સેલ્સને ટ્રેક કરો, સૌથી વધુ નફોની ક્ષમતાને ઓળખો, લક્ષિત ઇમેઇલ ઝુંબેશો લોન્ચ કરો, અને સેટ વિકલ્પો કે જે દરેક ગ્રાહકને અનન્ય અને વ્યક્તિગત કરેલ ખરીદીનો અનુભવ આપે છે. Citta Solutions થી સીઆરએમ સાથે, તમે તમારા ગ્રાહકો અને તમારા વ્યવસાયને તમે ક્યારેય વિચાર્યું હોય તેના કરતાં વધુ સારી રીતે જાણી શકો છો.

પર્ચેસિંગ અને રિસીવીંગ

તમારા ઈન્વેન્ટરી મેનેજમેન્ટના ડુપ્લિકેશન્સ રોકો જેવા કે ખરીદી, પ્રાપ્ત, ભાવ, સ્થાનાંતરણ, વેચાણ અને તમારા એકાઉન્ટિંગ પુસ્તકોમાં પરિણામો રેકોર્ડ કરો Retail365cloud સોફ્ટવેરમાં. Citta Solutions ના retail365cloud સોફ્ટવેરમાં તમારે ફક્ત એક જ વાર ઇન્વેન્ટરી માહિતી દાખલ કરવી પડશે – સિસ્ટમ આપોઆપ તે દરેક એપ્લિકેશનને જરૂરી માહિતીનો પ્રચાર કરે છે. વિક્રેતા કેટલોગની આયાત કરવી, ઓટોમેટિક રિઓર્ડીંગ સેટ કરવું, ખરીદના બજેટનું સંચાલન કરવું, આગાહી કરવી અને રિપોર્ટિંગ બધુજ એક ક્લિકથી થાય છે.


Citta સોલ્યુશન્સ દરેક સેલ્સ ચેનલ પર ઇન્વેન્ટરીમાં દરેક વસ્તુને સક્રિય રીતે મેનેજ કરે છે, તેને ડિપાર્ટમેન્ટ ક્લાસ, વિક્રેતા, સ્થાન, ફેબ્રિક, સિઝન, રંગ અથવા તમે વ્યાખ્યાયિત કરેલ કોઈપણ વિશેષતા દ્વારા વર્ગીકૃત કરો. તે સ્ટોર, ઓનલાઈન અથવા ફોન પર વેચવામાં આવે છે કે નહીં તે ધ્યાનમાં લીધા વગર, તમામ હિસાબી આપમેળે કરવામાં આવે છે, ફ્લાય પર તૈયાર કરવામાં આવેલા વિગતવાર અહેવાલોને સમર્થન આપવા માટે તૈયાર અથવા ખૂબ સચોટ વેચાણની આગાહી કરવી.


અત્યંત વૈવિધ્યપૂર્ણ બનાવી શકાય તેવી રિપોર્ટ્સ કે જે કોઈપણ સમયે તમને પસંદ કરેલા કોઈપણ મેટ્રિક પર વિગતવાર માહિતી પૂરી પાડે છે તે Citta Solutionsનાં મોડ્યૂલ રિપોર્ટ જનરેશનમાં ઉપલબ્ધ છે. તમારી પાસે ઘણા બિલ્ટ-ઇન રિપોર્ટિંગ ટેમ્પલેટોનો ઉપયોગ કરીને સંભવ નથી તે ક્યારેય સમજાય નહીં, જે Excel માં નિકાસ કરી શકાય તેવા ફોર્મેટને વાંચવામાં સરળ પરિણામો દર્શાવે છે. Citta Solutions સાથે, તમને કોઈપણ સમયે જ્યારે તમે ઇચ્છો છો ત્યારે તમારા ઓપરેશનની દરેક વિગતવાર માહિતી જોવા માટે કોઈ અન્ય તૃતીય પક્ષ રિપોર્ટિંગ પ્રોગ્રામની જરૂર પડશે નહીં.

ફ્રિક્વેન્ટ બાયર

            Citta Solutionsનાં ખરીદ મોડ્યુલ સાથે, તમે ડિપાર્ટમેન્ટ દ્વારા ડોલરની ખરીદીની રકમ માટે બિંદુ વેલ્યુ સરળતાથી સોંપી શકો છો. Citta Solutions આપોઆપ સરળ રીડેમ્પશન આપતી દરેક ગ્રાહક માટેનાં પારિતોષિકોને ટ્રૅક કરે છે અને તમને તમારા સૌથી વફાદાર ગ્રાહકો માટે વિશિષ્ટ પ્રમોશનલ ઇવેન્ટ્સ અને કૂપન્સ જનરેટ કરવાની સ્વતંત્રતા આપે છે. ભેટ રજિસ્ટ્રી પણ કોઈ પણ ગ્રાહક માટે કોઈ પણ ઇવેન્ટ માટે સરળ રજિસ્ટ્રી બનાવટની પરવાનગી આપે છે, સરળતાથી હેન્ડહેલ્ડ સ્કેનર દ્વારા સૂચિમાં ઉમેરીને. તે પછી, સૉફ્ટવેર સ્વયંને રજિસ્ટ્રાર્સને ઇમેઇલ કરી શકે છે જ્યારે તેમની રજિસ્ટ્રીની પૂર્વનિર્ધારિત રકમ ખરીદવામાં આવી છે, તેમને વધુ આઇટમ્સ ઉમેરવા અને તમારા વેચાણમાં વધારો કરવાની મંજૂરી આપી છે.

મર્ચન્ડાઈસ પ્લાનિંગ

જ્યારે તમે ઑપન ટુ ખરીદો નો ઉપયોગ કરો છો ત્યારે આઉટ ઓફ સ્ટોક અથવા વધુ ઇન્વેન્ટરી વિશે ચિંતા ન કરો. જયારે તમારી પોતાની પ્લાનિંગ અથવા પ્લાનિંગ સર્વિસિસ પાર્ટનરનો ઉપયોગ કરવો હોય, retail365cloudનુ મોડ્યુલ તમને બજેટિંગ, પ્લાનિંગ, રિપોર્ટિંગ અને મોનીટરીંગને ઑપ્ટિમાઇઝ કરવા માટે જરૂરી સુવિધા આપે છે. તમારી કામગીરીનું નિરીક્ષણ કરો અને શ્રેષ્ઠ નફો માર્જિન અને ઉચ્ચતમ વેચાણ વેગ સાથે યોગ્ય ઇન્વેન્ટરી રાખવા માટે ઝડપથી ફેરફારો કરો.


તાત્કાલિક પૂછપરછ માટે તમારી જરૂરિયાત સાથે અમને ઇમેઇલ કરો: અથવા  ઝડપી ડેમો માટે મુલાકાત લો:




The POS functionality within Retail365cloud is designed for ease of use. The cashier interface allows clerks to use hotkeys or touchscreen displays. The system supports the latest in barcode scanning, chip card processing, and payment security. Retail365cloud manages several discounting strategies, clerk and multi-clerk commission splitting, layaways, voids, returns, exchanges, gift certificates, credit memos, hold tickets, multiple payment types, receipt notes, in-house charge accounts, flexible tender types, currency exchanges and more.

Retail365 Points


Whether you require a simple E-Commerce presence or a robust site loaded with the newest features, Citta Solutions gives you the tools you need to integrate seamlessly with your existing inventory and serve your customers online. We can help you customize your E-Commerce site to reflect your brand and stand out from the crowd.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from Citta Solutions lets you move at the speed of customer behavior, tailoring every aspect of your operations to quickly changing trends and preferences. Analyze buying patterns, track sales, identify highest profit potential, launch targeted email campaigns, and set options that give each customer a unique and personalized shopping experience. With CRM from Citta Solutions, you can know your customers and your business better than you ever thought possible.



Stop duplicating your inventory management efforts every time you purchase, receive, price, transfer, sell, and record results into your accounting books. With Citta Solutions, you only have to enter inventory information one time — the system automatically propagates the data to every application it is needed. Importing vendor catalogs, setting up automatic reordering, managing purchasing budgets, forecasting and reporting are all a click away.



Citta Solutions actively manages every item in inventory on every sales channel, categorizing them by department class, vendor, location, fabric, season, color, or any attribute you define. Regardless of whether it is sold in store, online, or on the phone, all accounting is performed automatically, ready to power detailed reports prepared on the fly or generate highly accurate sales forecasts.




Highly customizable reports that quickly provide detailed information on any metric you choose over any time frame are available in Citta Solutions powerful report generator. Gain insights you never thought possible using one of the many built-in reporting templates, which displays results in an easy to read format that can be exported to Excel. With Citta Solutions, you’ll never need another third party reporting program to see every detail of your operations any time you wish.



With Citta Solutions frequent buying module, you can easily assign point values to dollar purchase amounts by department. Citta Solutions automatically tracks rewards for each customer allowing easy redemption and gives you the freedom to generate special promotional events and coupons for your most loyal customers. Gift Registry also allows easy registry creation for any customer for any event, easily adding to the list using a handheld scanner. Then, the software can automatically email registrants when a predetermined amount of their registry has been purchased, allowing them to add more items and increase your sales.



Never worry about out of stocks or excess inventory again when you plan using Open To Buy. Whether performing your own planning or using a planning services partner, the Open To Buy module from Citta Solutions gives you the tools you need to optimize budgeting, planning, reporting, and monitoring. Monitor your performance and make changes quickly to keep the right inventory on hand with the best profit margins and highest sales velocity.



Citta Solutions allows you to fulfill any purchase order from any location without rekeying information, simplifying the transfer of goods. Keep inventory at every location in perfect balance by fulfilling web orders from the most suitable location and transferring merchandise from stores where demand is sluggish to geographies where it will move faster. Citta Solutions gives you the ability to become an fulfillment expert, on par with the best and smartest retailers in the world.



When it comes to service, your customers have high expectations and Citta Solutions include Job Tracker so you can deliver for them every single time. Without ever leaving the cash register, you can create special orders and assign them to buyers. If you offer services, you can provide estimates, schedule work, assign jobs to employees, track progress, and notify customers when the work is complete — all from your POS system. Job Tracking from Citta Solutions enables you to serve your customers completely.


No matter where you are, Citta Solutions gives you access to real-time store management for your entire operation. Access up to the minute sales data, check inventory levels, or make a pricing change to take effect immediately in every store — with CAM Commerce, you can run your business in real-time from headquarters, a trade show, or while on vacation. All you need is an internet connection, and Citta Solutions complies with Digital File Locker security regulations so your data is always safe.



Franchised businesses face the challenge of maintaining consistency across their brands, and Franchise Consolidator from Citta Solutions simplifies the process. With Retail365cloud, franchisors can push product catalogs to all of their franchisees point of sale systems. They can also collect sales and inventory data from all franchisees using built-in FTP polling, even from franchisees that do not use Retail365cloud. This standard data exchange format gives franchisors the power to manage data throughout their entire operations.



Busy retailers don’t have time to lose sales due to IT failure, and that’s why Citta Solutions has its own IT services management software called System Performance Pro. This powerful tool gives you instant access to your complete IT inventory — every serial number, model, IP address, software, and even disk drive usage for every connected device on your network accessible from a single screen. Remote desktop access, data backup, monitored anti-virus, and security patch updates let you service any device in your network remotely, keeping your business up and running with no down time.


Your customers expect fast and secure payment processing, and Payment Processing from Citta Solutions gives you a seamless solution that works directly with your POS system. No more messy terminals or expensive contracts — Over payment gateway is fast, reliable, and adheres to PCI DSS security regulations. All you need is a standard phone line or internet connection and can process credit and debit cards, gift cards, and checks.



Customer loyalty drives your business, and there’s no better way to incentivize it than with a rewards and gift card program. Citta Solutions has gift card validation built-in so you can process any gift card transaction quickly and easily, or assign reward points directly to customer accounts and apply them to any transaction any time immediately upon request. With Retail365cloud, you have the tools you need to keep customers coming back.

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