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10 Must Have Retail Features on your Retail POS Software

1) Customer Management:
Customer Management module helps retailers overcome customer-related challenges, and achieve a truly integrated, holistic view of customers. It gives a unique ability to engage shoppers in a consistent and truly personalized manner across all sales channels and touch points. These Retail ERP modules collect data on your customers’ purchase histories, allowing you to identify your most valuable shoppers.
A good retail ERP software should enable acquisition, consolidation, cleansing and change detection for customer data derived from multiple online and offline sources – including:

• Shoppers’ personal and contact details

• Transaction history

• Demographics

• Lifestyle and shopping preferences

• Loyalty, self-scan and e-commerce data

Sales Screen_Retail365cloud

2) Sales reporting and Analytics
An actionable dashboard of your sales, orders, and traffic helps you make the right choices for your business. Real-time retail analytics will support your decisions on product portfolio, pricing and much more. Therefore, every modern Retail ERP software should provide reporting, dashboards and analytics in real time. Sales reporting and analytics functionality allows you to capture and analyze your store’s sales data. Not only does this automatically keep track of what’s selling well, it also shows how much revenue you’re making on each product. This allows you to identify and focus on driving sales to your top money-making items.
Your Retail ERP software should allow you create custom reports that can be exported for further analysis in your favorite spreadsheet tool or can be sent to your bookkeeper or accountant.

3) Rewards & Loyalty Programs:
Identifying regular shoppers is vitally important! According to one research conducted by Software Advice, two-thirds of respondents say they are likely to stop shopping at a given store if they aren’t recognized as loyal customers. Therefore, it is crucial for every modern Retail ERP software to provide Loyalty Management functionality.
This module should allow you to tailor various types of member programs that allow promotional and marketing schemes in lines with the major retail practices. Furthermore, it should enable building customer segmentation and membership levels (Gold, Silver, Platinum or any custom levels), a collection of points and to support RFID and barcode.
4) Product Management:
Every Retail ERP software, ever the basic ones should provide some kind of product management features such as: product master data management, product categorization, and product hierarchy. But most advanced retail management solutions provide a wide range of functionalities such as:
Product organization – Organize products by category, type, season, sale, and more. Use smart collections to automatically sort products based on vendor, price, and inventory level.
Product variations – Offer different versions of your products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, expiry dates and more. Each variation can have its own price, SKU, weight, and inventory.
Barcode support – Assign existing barcodes to products or create new ones. Quickly scan in your customer’s order using your wireless barcode scanner.
More advanced product management features: multiple manufacturers, product substitutes, product business partner relation, serial and lot number handling, product warranty management, product expiry handling, product lifecycle handling, product warranty management, product UOM conversion, product attribute sets, BOM products.

5) Inventory and Material Management:
An effective inventory management system results in a lean, empowered and responsible team, delivering consistently. Managing the quantity of on-site inventory plays a vital role in the success of your store. Your next retail ERP software should enable you to optimize your inventory levels, manage material movements, purchase-to-order, eliminate pilferage, manage the internal use and physical inventory changes, inventory valuation and much more. Moreover, it should enable sticker printing, material confirmation and quality control, material requisition, consolidation to purchase, returns management as well as various material management strategies.
Implementing Retail ERP software with inventory management functionality will give you a clear view into your stock in real time. Being able to identify and track items at specific levels such as size, season and color enables you to identify trends at your store and ensure that popular, in-season products are well stocked. This makes it easy to monitor and resupply your top-selling items, as well as to mark down low-selling products to phase them out.
6) Store and Warehouse structuring:
This feature practically means that your Retail ERP software should enable:
• Creation of any number of stores and warehouses with a link to each other

• Stores to warehouses assignment for automatic sourcing

• Divide warehouses into zones and locators for handling the materials management

7) Pricing and discount management:
Your next Retail ERP software should provide advanced pricing and discount management features that will automate some of the key processes in this segment. By doing so, the ERP solution will decrease pricing errors by 100%, improve the productivity of your team and keep customers satisfied.
A good Retail ERP software should provide the following features:

• Ability to create purchase and sales price lists

• Ability to manage any number of price lists and versions

• Ability to automatically generate sales price list

• Future Price Planning

• Automatic application of price list versions

• Business Partner wise Price lists report

• Ability to handle multiple product UOM with single price list

• Business Partner wise Discount Schema report

• Promotion management and promotional pricing

• Real-time pricing updates to the counters

• Special offers on categories, products such as: buy one get one, invoice level discounts, price discount schemas, etc.
8) Purchase and Supplier relation management:
A good Retail ERP software should enable you to set rules for procurement, region wise supplier setups for same products, central procurement with de-central deliveries and generate requisition manually or automatically. Moreover, it should allow you to set purchase approvals across various levels and manage multiple purchase price lists as well as invite suppliers for quotations. After you receive quotations from suppliers the system should provide an automatic quotation comparison tool.
Last but not least, every Retail ERP software even the basic ones should allow you to generate a purchase order based on requirements; match PO to receipts and invoice, and provide a clear view of your vendor relationship history.
9) Employee management:
Employee management is an important component of a well-run retail business. At the minimum, every retail ERP software should provide the following employee management capabilities: shift scheduling and time clocks, as well as ability to keep track of the hour’s employees are working.
More advanced Retail ERP systems can also assign sales commissions to employees. They allow you to monitor who’s working, how long they’re working, how much money they’ve brought in and how many hours they’ve worked in the current pay period. This last aspect allows you to monitor for (and reduce) over time.
10) Point of Sales (POS) System
Every comprehensive Retail ERP solution comprises a POS terminal in the front end that runs on all types of devices that support browsers. It should provide a friendly user interface that is easy to learn within a few days. Being directly connected to the remote server, the POS solution should work with a minimum level of data exchange and keep up the operations even if the connection breaks. Other important features are:
• Quick Processing Time
• Handles multiple tenders such as Cash, Card, On Credit, Gift Voucher, etc.
• Compatible with various barcode standards such as EAN8, EAN 13, GS1, Internally defined
• Handles variable weight products based on barcode and scale
• Can handle multiple decimal digits
• Push promotions directly to the counter
• Cash count
• Integration with a touch screen, barcode, receipt printer, barcode label printer, etc.
• Device management
• VAT management
• Commission management
• Campaign management

• Fixed assets management

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retail billing software, retail management software, retail software solution, Uncategorized

Top Benefits of an Integrated Retail Billing Software

The sales increase in SALES by 20-30%
• Serve more customers at the same time with fast billing counters.
• Increase the number of customers through referral programs.
• Increase the average sale with cross-sale, up-sale.
• Increase the customer frequency (from once monthly to twice monthly).


Stock reduce STOCK holding cost
• Intelligent ordering system automatically calculates stock and order levels.
• Increase your return on stock up to 12%.
• Differentiating between inventory for seasonal and perennial sales.
• Analyzing fluctuation in sales for perennial goods month by month and arriving at OTB.
• Downsize SKU’s by effectively analyzing stock movement patterns (Fast, Slow, Nonmoving).

Staff devoted STAFF with high efficiency
• Quick train your staff with an easy-to-use intuitive interface.
• Effortless billing and accurate cash tally create confidence in operators.
• Effective sales incentive and commission programs.
• Employee scheduling to distribute jobs evenly.
• Integrated modules to wipe out job repetition.
• Increases employee satisfaction, while keeping the administration time and costs low.
Space Increased SPACE productivity
• Analyze per linear feet shelf space profitability for each category.
• Analyze the holding cost of inventory on a per square foot basis and lets you take on time decisions.
• Analyze the profitability of each category based on holding cost reallocate space to arrive at optimum space productivity.
• Reallocation space as per derivatives from above analysis to arrive at optimum space productivity.
• Creates a foundation for a successful and replicable model.

Customer loyal CUSTOMERS bring repeat business
• Stay connected with your customers with the effective use of loyalty program.
• Integrated SMS and Email.
• Loyalty points-based referral program ensures that your current customers refer and brings a new customer to your store.
• Create promotions to attract customers during lean seasons.
• Analyze their basket content and size and make a correct assortment of fresh products.

Margin maximized MARGIN with lower investment
• Analyzing fast moving and high profit contributing category, brand, and SKU is the key to an effective and regular flow margin to business.
• Define the time frame for re-ordering, returns of goods, sales & promotions, launches.
• Extensive use BI tools (Forecasting, Ratio Analysis, Margin Mix).
• Eliminate product categories that are killing profits.

Expenses reduce EXPENSES by 20-40%
• Analyzing petty expenses on a routine basis.
• Eliminate unnecessary routine purchases.
• Make more use of automated operations with less human intervention.
• Easily identify and streamline the areas for cost and purchase improvements.
• Forensically examine the potential business expenditure, shortage, and profit leaks.
• Analytically reviewing sales by day and time.

Suppliers happy SUPPLIERS offering extended credit
• Establish better payment cycle with your suppliers by effectively using payable analysis.
• Setup an effective re-order that ensures timely replenishment.
• An established purchase pattern was given to your suppliers also helps them to plan their supply chain management better.
• Efficiently negotiate special terms with suppliers based on sale, margin and stock patterns.

Administration powerful ADMINISTRATION that brings growth
• Ready-to-use real-time reports on-the-move.
• Powerful tools let you build a foundation for future.
• Easily automate and streamline business processes to deliver the best shopping experience to your customers.
• Security that controls and moves your business even when you’re away from it.
• A robust system that shoulders your responsibility and scalable technology that shares your vision for growth and expansion.

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The POS functionality within Retail365cloud is designed for ease of use. The cashier interface allows clerks to use hotkeys or touchscreen displays. The system supports the latest in barcode scanning, chip card processing, and payment security. Retail365cloud manages several discounting strategies, clerk and multi-clerk commission splitting, layaways, voids, returns, exchanges, gift certificates, credit memos, hold tickets, multiple payment types, receipt notes, in-house charge accounts, flexible tender types, currency exchanges and more.

Retail365 Points


Whether you require a simple E-Commerce presence or a robust site loaded with the newest features, Citta Solutions gives you the tools you need to integrate seamlessly with your existing inventory and serve your customers online. We can help you customize your E-Commerce site to reflect your brand and stand out from the crowd.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from Citta Solutions lets you move at the speed of customer behavior, tailoring every aspect of your operations to quickly changing trends and preferences. Analyze buying patterns, track sales, identify highest profit potential, launch targeted email campaigns, and set options that give each customer a unique and personalized shopping experience. With CRM from Citta Solutions, you can know your customers and your business better than you ever thought possible.



Stop duplicating your inventory management efforts every time you purchase, receive, price, transfer, sell, and record results into your accounting books. With Citta Solutions, you only have to enter inventory information one time — the system automatically propagates the data to every application it is needed. Importing vendor catalogs, setting up automatic reordering, managing purchasing budgets, forecasting and reporting are all a click away.



Citta Solutions actively manages every item in inventory on every sales channel, categorizing them by department class, vendor, location, fabric, season, color, or any attribute you define. Regardless of whether it is sold in store, online, or on the phone, all accounting is performed automatically, ready to power detailed reports prepared on the fly or generate highly accurate sales forecasts.




Highly customizable reports that quickly provide detailed information on any metric you choose over any time frame are available in Citta Solutions powerful report generator. Gain insights you never thought possible using one of the many built-in reporting templates, which displays results in an easy to read format that can be exported to Excel. With Citta Solutions, you’ll never need another third party reporting program to see every detail of your operations any time you wish.



With Citta Solutions frequent buying module, you can easily assign point values to dollar purchase amounts by department. Citta Solutions automatically tracks rewards for each customer allowing easy redemption and gives you the freedom to generate special promotional events and coupons for your most loyal customers. Gift Registry also allows easy registry creation for any customer for any event, easily adding to the list using a handheld scanner. Then, the software can automatically email registrants when a predetermined amount of their registry has been purchased, allowing them to add more items and increase your sales.



Never worry about out of stocks or excess inventory again when you plan using Open To Buy. Whether performing your own planning or using a planning services partner, the Open To Buy module from Citta Solutions gives you the tools you need to optimize budgeting, planning, reporting, and monitoring. Monitor your performance and make changes quickly to keep the right inventory on hand with the best profit margins and highest sales velocity.



Citta Solutions allows you to fulfill any purchase order from any location without rekeying information, simplifying the transfer of goods. Keep inventory at every location in perfect balance by fulfilling web orders from the most suitable location and transferring merchandise from stores where demand is sluggish to geographies where it will move faster. Citta Solutions gives you the ability to become an fulfillment expert, on par with the best and smartest retailers in the world.



When it comes to service, your customers have high expectations and Citta Solutions include Job Tracker so you can deliver for them every single time. Without ever leaving the cash register, you can create special orders and assign them to buyers. If you offer services, you can provide estimates, schedule work, assign jobs to employees, track progress, and notify customers when the work is complete — all from your POS system. Job Tracking from Citta Solutions enables you to serve your customers completely.


No matter where you are, Citta Solutions gives you access to real-time store management for your entire operation. Access up to the minute sales data, check inventory levels, or make a pricing change to take effect immediately in every store — with CAM Commerce, you can run your business in real-time from headquarters, a trade show, or while on vacation. All you need is an internet connection, and Citta Solutions complies with Digital File Locker security regulations so your data is always safe.



Franchised businesses face the challenge of maintaining consistency across their brands, and Franchise Consolidator from Citta Solutions simplifies the process. With Retail365cloud, franchisors can push product catalogs to all of their franchisees point of sale systems. They can also collect sales and inventory data from all franchisees using built-in FTP polling, even from franchisees that do not use Retail365cloud. This standard data exchange format gives franchisors the power to manage data throughout their entire operations.



Busy retailers don’t have time to lose sales due to IT failure, and that’s why Citta Solutions has its own IT services management software called System Performance Pro. This powerful tool gives you instant access to your complete IT inventory — every serial number, model, IP address, software, and even disk drive usage for every connected device on your network accessible from a single screen. Remote desktop access, data backup, monitored anti-virus, and security patch updates let you service any device in your network remotely, keeping your business up and running with no down time.


Your customers expect fast and secure payment processing, and Payment Processing from Citta Solutions gives you a seamless solution that works directly with your POS system. No more messy terminals or expensive contracts — Over payment gateway is fast, reliable, and adheres to PCI DSS security regulations. All you need is a standard phone line or internet connection and can process credit and debit cards, gift cards, and checks.



Customer loyalty drives your business, and there’s no better way to incentivize it than with a rewards and gift card program. Citta Solutions has gift card validation built-in so you can process any gift card transaction quickly and easily, or assign reward points directly to customer accounts and apply them to any transaction any time immediately upon request. With Retail365cloud, you have the tools you need to keep customers coming back.

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Retail POS Software

Retail is an important part of the supply chain. It is the place where the goods are sold directly to the end user. Let’s  discuss more about the retail management information systems.Retail is an important part of the supply chain. It is the place where the goods are sold directly to the end user. Let’s  discuss more about the retail management information systems.

The Indian Retail sector has come off age and has gone through a major transformation over the last decade with a noticeable shift towards organized retailing. AT Kearney, a US Based global management consulting firm has ranked India as the fourth most attractive nation for retail investment among 30 flourishing markets.

The Indian Retail Industry has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. The Retail sector is one of India’s fastest growing sectors with a 5 % compounded annual growth rate.

Today due to Retail business the total concept and idea of shopping have been undergone an attention drawing change in terms of format and consumer, buying behavior, ushering in a revolution in shopping in the country.

Best POS Software

Retail classification     

Retail industry can be broadly classified into two categories namely- organized and unorganized retail.

⦁ Organized retail – Organised traders/retailers, who are licensed for trading activities and registered to pay taxes to the government.

⦁ Unorganized retail – It consists of unauthorized small shops – conventional Kirana shops, general stores, corner shops among various other small retail outlets – but remain as the radiating force of Indian retail industry.

| POS |

Time – it`s  most valuable currency for shoppers. POS is a fast, trustful Point of sale service software, which will enable simple & quick customer transactions. POS System may not only understands your needs but manage them in order to promote your business to next level.

New generation POS Software that drives sales & manages inventory, employees & customers from any device. Retail365cloud has been designed to meet the unique needs and specific demands of the restaurant industry. We will give you full control over all your stores, regardless of their physical location.

Manage your business anywhere, anytime with our POS system loved by merchants. customers enjoy promotions, payments, rewards, and much more a business can be simple & fast. Create the perfect retail store by accepting every cashless payments system.

The retail pos system will be helpful to work smoothly and it will be showing that your store will be updated with current technology or generation.

Retail365cloud – Quick & Easy to Use

Easy to learn: You don’t have to send your staff members out for expensive Retail POS Software training.

Easy to use: Fast customer checkout with new features.

Flexible: Manipulate any combination of credits, return, taxes, discount & sales in one easy transaction. ( discount and tax screen ).

⦁ Automatic: Automatically applies the discount or preferred amount for the regular or special customer.

⦁ Security: You have two security levels to log in to the system. Safe & Secure. Also available with fingerprint scanner & MSR card  ( Login screen ).

⦁ Customer favorable: Let you reward your regular or best customer by giving them Credit & Discount. ( Customer screen ).

⦁ Billing: Prints sales slips, price quotes, account invoice & packing slips.

⦁ Up to date: Works with all the update and current retail devices including credit card readers, barcode, cash drawer, customer display, barcoded scales, a two-color receipt printer & runs on any network.

⦁ Fast: Fast find customer using a name, phone no. or email.

⦁ Information: Shows you who bought what, when, how they paid, for how much & who sold it to them.

⦁ Notes: Keep notes on the individual customer and even a photo.

⦁ Accurate: Creates accurately targeted mailing lists for special promotions or product recalls.

  Sell anything you want

⦁ You can sell any types of products or services you can sell: T-shirts, shoes, jewelry, coffee, services or anything else – you can manage them in Products.

⦁ You can check or add product details like color, size, design, style type and more.

⦁ You can also modify the item just before checkout by adding or removing paying or non-paying options, assign and track serial numbers, and sell items in a bundle or combination.

Our completely integrated POS retail management system that you need to build loyalty with customers while improving productivity throughout your retail system.

Built for restaurant success, Retail365cloud helps thousands of restaurants increase sales and develop smart Front-of-house and back-of-house processes. Discover how Retail365cloud can help your restaurant succeed by requesting a free demo today.

I hope this will be useful for retailers.

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